Thursday, 2 August 2007

Ovarian Cancer Action.

Ovarian Cancer Action sent me a letter to let me know that they had received Kate Knoakes' & my cheques. They were delighted by the amount of money which has been raised.

I owe an immense debt of gratitude to all of you - your generous support & individual acts of kindness in spreading the word move me beyond words.

Bless you all!

Elke Szeklinski ES5

The beautiful island of Baltrum - what a stunning place to live!

Elke, thank you for these wonderful postcards. I'm very grateful to you for your generous support.

Elke Szeklinski ES3

Ihre Arbeit ist wundervoll und ich liebe die Vögel :-)

Elke Szeklinski ES2

Dieses ist ein schönes Korn!

To see more of Elke's work, please visit her website.

Elke Szeklinski ES

Elke, vielen Dank für die PostKarten. Ich bin Sie sehr dankbar :-)

Gutes Glück zu Ihnen auch!