Thursday, 2 August 2007

Ovarian Cancer Action.

Ovarian Cancer Action sent me a letter to let me know that they had received Kate Knoakes' & my cheques. They were delighted by the amount of money which has been raised.

I owe an immense debt of gratitude to all of you - your generous support & individual acts of kindness in spreading the word move me beyond words.

Bless you all!

Elke Szeklinski ES5

The beautiful island of Baltrum - what a stunning place to live!

Elke, thank you for these wonderful postcards. I'm very grateful to you for your generous support.

Elke Szeklinski ES3

Ihre Arbeit ist wundervoll und ich liebe die Vögel :-)

Elke Szeklinski ES2

Dieses ist ein schönes Korn!

To see more of Elke's work, please visit her website.

Elke Szeklinski ES

Elke, vielen Dank für die PostKarten. Ich bin Sie sehr dankbar :-)

Gutes Glück zu Ihnen auch!

Thursday, 12 July 2007

A fabulous message from Bev!

Second Prize: Dotty

Bev has kindly allowed me to quote from her letter about 'Dotty'.

‘To say I am thrilled is an absolute understatement - she is adorable……. I have her on now and probably will wear her very often.'

Thank you Bev. I have a real soft spot for 'Dotty' too - Helen created a doll of a bead!

A beautiful message from Jean

Third Prize

I've received this beautiful letter from Jean. Everytime I read it, I weep sweet tears. Thank you Jean!

Dear Jennifer:

I have received my stunning, stunning purple and swirled earrings from The Postcardian Competition! The Competition! That great thing you did which helped us all, and made us aware of The Ovarian Cancer Action Organization ( The softly etched and perfectly made beads by Laura Sparling are framed by you in sterling silver, as only you can frame them. They are beautiful! I am so lucky!
You create with a mindful heart and soul which makes sense of everything you set your hands to. If I could own all your pieces, I would have a giant treasure chest of glorious dreams, made into reality, by you!

The other pieces which I have from you are equally as fantastic and exquisitely fashioned. I am amazed every time I gaze at your work as it takes me on a journey of delight! There is always something new to see! How do you DO that? I think it is because your creativity truly does know no bounds. I am in awe of your wonderful way with beads, wire, sterling, other elements you choose to use...I am in awe of YOU!

In gratitude,


Put a smile on your face - more from Aardvark!

Thank you Cathy!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Look what came through the letter box today!

Thank you for sending these to me.

Because my brood & their father have been ill with some yucky stomach virus, I haven't organised myself sufficiently to send off the cheques to Ovarian Cancer Action. So the good news is that I can add more cash to my donation!

Cathy of Aardvark Art

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy - I LOVE THIS GUY!!

Thank you Cathy. You always make me smile. Aardvark Art is Happy Art :-)

Heather Hurst HH1

Heather, thank you so much for this card. What a shame that the mail was delayed!

Roland Sparling: RS2

Roland, how kind of you to send me this card - thank you! I hope you had a lovely time on the cruise.

Sunday, 1 July 2007


'Beach' will shortly be airborne on its way to Elizabeth King.

The 'Dotty' pendant is going to zoom across England to Beverley Abbott

The purple earrings are going to fly to Jean Yates.

I wish I could send you all something - will my love & a hug do?

Emails have been sent to the winners

The competition has ended and the draw is done. I've sent emails to the winners & as soon as I hear back from them, I will let you know their names & in the cases of the second & third prize winners, what pieces they have chosen.

I will never be able to adequately thank you all for your magnificent postcards and your help & support. I am grateful & will remain so forever.

Saturday, 30 June 2007


The draw will be held on Sunday 1st July at 3.00pm GMT. I'll email the winners & will announce their names as soon as I've heard from them.


110 CARDS!

I sit here surrounded by your generosity in the form of 110 postcards. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you! There will be more than one Postcardian art journal - indeed the annals of the Postcardian Quest will be many!! I'm going to laminate each of your cards & then attach it to its page via a silk ribbon so that it acts as a marker for the page it inspires. Your words will not be lost - they will become heirlooms.

110 postcards means that Ovarian Cancer Action will receive a cheque for £110 from me & £20 from Kate Noakes. THANK YOU!! This will make a difference!

What I would love to know is something we can't measure. How many more women now know about the symptoms of ovarian cancer as a result of all your efforts? I'll bet it's a lot!

I wish I could adequately express my gratitude for all that you have done. This has been a most moving experience for me. You're a noble, generous, intelligent & spirited group of people - it has been an honour to have 'met' each of you. Your humanity shines like a beacon.

Ovarian cancer is a thief & it has stolen so many precious women's lives. They could have had more years with us. We could have spent more time with them.

We cannot alter the past, but we can contribute to changing what happens in the future. We will do it in loving memory of all the beautiful women we have lost.

Bless you!

Kate McKinnon KMK26

Kate, I am so grateful to you for this wonderful collection of cards. The amount of the donation to Ovarian Cancer Action has significantly grown thanks to your generosity. Good luck!

Kate McKinnon KMK25

'Sorrow Rubbing Sorrow' by C. L. Cunningham

Kate McKinnon KMK24

' Warrior Takatsuna on Horse'

Kate, this eclectic collection is packed full of delights - I'm SO grateful to you!

Kate McKinnon KMK23

'Clearing Summer Storm Clouds, Gates of the Valley, Yosemite National Park'

I look at this & am strongly reminded of Turner's work. Thank you for this magnificent card!

Kate McKinnon KMK22

'Tea Cup Omens' by C.L.Cunningham

Friday, 29 June 2007

Kate McKinnon KMK21

This is what I look like first thing in the morning!

Kate, thank you for these exquisite cards, particularly the portrait of me & my mad, staring eyes. Good luck!

Kate McKinnon KMK20

'Unemployed Royalty' by C.L.Cunningham

Kate McKinnon KMK19

'Chat with the Priest' by C.L.Cunningham

Kate McKinnon KMK18

' The Idea of Flying' by E.L.Cunningham

Kate Mckinnon KMK17

This is so sweet - a walrus cuddle :-)

Thank you Kate!

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Jane Pocock JP1

You'd have to be very hardy to do this in England & I doubt that there are any nudist beaches in Scotland.

When the English pay a visit to the coastal areas of this island, they usually take beach wear & a towel plus thermals, jumpers, welliington boots, a little gas stove, waterproofs, sleeping bags, a ski jacket - you name it, we take it. The womenfolk of England like to be prepared for every eventuality which is just as well as our weather can turn from burning sunshine to hail in the blink of an eye!

This adaptibility is why cardigans will never go out of fashion in the UK ;-)

Jane, thank you for this wonderful card - good luck!

Kate McKinnon KMK16

Oh my - a Lubritorium! How elegant!

Kate, thank you for these stupendous cards - good luck!

Kate McKinnon KMK15

'Trading Perfume' by C. L. Cunningham

This s so lovely - thank you!

Kate McKinnon KMK14

'Undaunted' by Keith Gotschall.

You've all introduced me to such wonderful things - have a look at Front Range Woodturners

Kate, thank you for the introduction :-)

Kate McKinnon KMK13

Kate, how did you manage to get a card showing Lula's response when I tell her to do something about the dump she calls her bedroom? Spooky!

Kate McKinnon KMK12

WOW ONCE MORE! This is dazzling!

Thank you Kate :-)

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Kerryn Eyers KE1

Thank you very much for this beautiful card and the elegant & pertinent quote which now has a permanent place on this blogsite.

Good Luck Kerryn!

Jennie Todd JT3

I would love to meet you for a meal in Maine! Jennie, thank you & good luck!

Jennie Todd JT2

What breathtaking scenery! How I envy you! Thank you for this stunning card :-)

Kate McKinnon KMK11

Beloved Frida.

Turn your life into art.

Thank you Kate.

Kate McKinnon KMK10


Kate McKinnon KMK9

I LOVE this visual joke - I wonder what Hokusai would have thought?

Pure genius - thank you Kate :-)

Kate McKinnon KMK8

'Wallflowers' by C.L.Cunningham

Kate has very kindly treated me to some more postcards featuring this artist's work. Keep on watching!

Kate McKinnon KMK7


Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Kate Noakes KN2

Kate Noakes has been a great support during the Quest & now she has very kindly sent a donation which I'm forwarding to Ovarian Cancer Action along with my own cheque.

Thank you Kate - you're a bright, shining star!

Ellie ELS1

Wonderful San Francisco! Choosing where I'm going to live if I emigrate is becoming an impossible task. At this rate, I'm going to have to stay in the UK & dither ;-)

Ellie, thank you very much for this fabulous card. Good Luck!