Thursday, 12 July 2007

A beautiful message from Jean

Third Prize

I've received this beautiful letter from Jean. Everytime I read it, I weep sweet tears. Thank you Jean!

Dear Jennifer:

I have received my stunning, stunning purple and swirled earrings from The Postcardian Competition! The Competition! That great thing you did which helped us all, and made us aware of The Ovarian Cancer Action Organization ( The softly etched and perfectly made beads by Laura Sparling are framed by you in sterling silver, as only you can frame them. They are beautiful! I am so lucky!
You create with a mindful heart and soul which makes sense of everything you set your hands to. If I could own all your pieces, I would have a giant treasure chest of glorious dreams, made into reality, by you!

The other pieces which I have from you are equally as fantastic and exquisitely fashioned. I am amazed every time I gaze at your work as it takes me on a journey of delight! There is always something new to see! How do you DO that? I think it is because your creativity truly does know no bounds. I am in awe of your wonderful way with beads, wire, sterling, other elements you choose to use...I am in awe of YOU!

In gratitude,


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