Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Anna's good idea

I'm being lazy today because I'm going to let somebody else do the talking. I received the following email from Anna Pilgrim. Once I've edited the photographs of the earrings which are the third prize in the competition, I'm going to follow Anna's example & send out my emails.

'Hi Jennifer

Just to let you know - I went to the Ovarian Cancer Action website and copied a link to the page with signs and symptoms. I have emailed it to most of my address book with a note about the importance of reading the information. How is easy is that ! I have already had some replies, and they will be sending the page on to their friends/family. So I hope the information spreads in this way. We all know to examine our breasts, but I don't think many people have even heard of ovarian cancer.

from Anna'

Here's the link to 'What you should know.'

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