Monday, 28 May 2007

What to do on a Bank Holiday Monday

I'm having a sleeping day today which is thoroughly self-indulgent, but I care not a jot. I can do a 'Thatcher' for long periods of time & get by on four or five hours of sleep, but when I hit the one brick wall that I'm not able to push against, I sleep. Thank goodness I have a husband who's a very good wife to me. This house would have burnt down a long time ago if all the cooking was left to me!

Later on, I'm going to add a roll call of all you lovely Postcardians to my website. Not everyone has a website & I want the world to know who wonderful you all are for shouting 'PANTS' to the women in your lives. Anyone had any funny looks yet? Or emails wondering if you're feeling OK?

My children are ferried back & forth to school in a mini-bus so I won't have the pleasure of shouting 'PANTS' to the mothers at the school gate next week, but I am going to have a word with the school's administrator to see if a sentence or six could be added to the weekly newsletter. Fingers crossed!

When I've stopped sleeping, my next task is to assemble the pendants & earrings that I want to offer you. If a miracle happens & sun returns to the UK whilst the children are on half term, I may be able to photograph them too.

In England today is a bank holiday and we're all enjoying typical English bank holiday weather. Last week we sweltered, but over the weekend, we have enjoyed rain ( torrential at times), grey skies & a few gales for good measure.

The English bank holiday comes in two varieties. Either we're in our thermals or the sun is so hot that the tarmac on our roads melts. We know a lot about the state of our roads during hot bank holiday weekends, because most of the residents of this 'green & pleasant land' like to get their cars out & sit in traffic jams for hours at a time. The few inhabitants who remain at home are likely to found burning portions of chicken on a barbecue that took three hours to emit sufficient heat to blacken a sausage. We really know how to have fun in England! Just think what I'm missing by sleeping my way through a Bank Holiday Monday!

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