Friday, 25 May 2007

Is there a glitch or is it me?

Everybody - I thank you all for your swellegant support! I've blown kisses to the four winds so I hope your share has reached you.

There is some kind of glitch on this blog - I can't see you (although I know you're there) and it seems that some of you can't reach me. I've tried to make my email address loud & proud so if you have any problems, please email me at

This weekend I'll send each of you my earthly address here in the UK. I'll also send you a code number - if you want to send more than one card, firstly may I bless you & secondly let me know & I'll send some more code numbers for the draw.

I'm going to draw up a list of all you 'Positively Perfect Postcarders' and I'll add it to the home page of my website later on today. If I accidentally miss you or make any mistakes, please hollo at me & I'll correct my mistakes.

Once again - MANY THANKS!

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