Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Jean Yates: JY2

The Brood are babbling about Jean's card. Tom & Lula both want the Star Wars stamps & Ellie wants to frame Jean's BEAUTIFUL drawing of a fairy. I've blown raspberries at each of them, but have done photocopies for them. IT'S MINE!

Jean, The Brood have asked me to tell you that, to quote Lula, 'It'th awethome!'


Jean said...

ahahah!!! well, did you get two cards from me? I do hope so! we shall sen more, as well! xox

Jennifer Dangerfield said...
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Jennifer Dangerfield said...

I had to delete the post above because I can't spell!

Only one today Jean, but as everyone in the UK can vouch, the Royal Mail is not known for its speed & efficiency.

Anonymous said...

Wahey! Star Wars stamps! I like!

Laura xx