Monday, 21 May 2007

Do you want to play?

To celebrate the start of my venture into jewellery life, I'd like to hold a competition and it would be lovely if you'd consider joining in.

The premise is simple. The details are, but we'll leave them out for the moment.

The question is this: would you be willing to send me a postcard (kitsch or cute, reality or technicolour touch-up, beauty or beast - the choice is yours) from wherever you are in the world to me in little old England? In return, I would like to offer you some beautiful jewellery as a prize.

Briefly, if you email me & tell me that you'd like to play, I'll send you a code number for every postcard that you'd like to send. Whenever I receive a postcard, I will scan it & post a picture of it along with the code number on this blog. Come the day of the draw to be held in, let's say, a month's time after the start of the competition, I shall press-gang my MILlie ( Mother In Law) into drawing a number out of the hat. Don't worry - there'll be some innocent bystanders to ensure justice.

No doubt you're wondering why I'd like to receive a postcard? I make art journals & I would dearly love to be able to make a memento book celebrating this new journey in my life. It's a cheeky notion on my part - why on earth would you want to go to all this trouble for me? May I offer you one more incentive? For every postcard I receive, I will donate $1 to Ovarian Cancer Action. I think I'll have to set a limit of $250 though- if I look down the side of the sofa, I might be able to increase the donation a little more!

Whilst you're having a ponder about whether you'd like to take part or not, I'm going to assemble & lavish love on the chain bracelet that will be the first prize.

So what do you think? Would you like to play? Have you any friends, forum buddies or net pals who might like to join in too? If so, in a few days time, I'll ask you to vote for the principle colour of the pendant which is going to be the second prize.

Later on, we'll need to talk about the earrings which I'd like to offer you as a third prize.

So my friends - who wants to shout 'PANTS to Ovarian Cancer' & play 'The Postcard Competition'? Add a comment or email me & say 'I'll play' so that I can see if this idea is a hit or a miss.

Many thanks for reading this post - Jennifer xox


Jean said...

yes I want to PLAY!!!

ejralph said...

Me! I want to play!!!


Kim Miles said...

Jean Yates sent me over here. I love your idea! I live in a touristy town, so I know we have some good postcards. If you prefer us to send email to you on this, would you post your email address in the competition? Maybe it's there and I'm just dumb... reach me at . Back to work! xoxo!

Calyx Ann said...

I'd love to play, Jennifer! I, too, have recently lost my mother to Ovarian Cancer. She thought the symptoms were menopause, as well:(
It's such a great thing that you're offering to do. I'm linking to you on my blog. Maybe someone will happen upon it and join in?

Jennifer Dangerfield said...

Don't duck - I'm blowing kisses of thanks to the four winds & I hope your share reaches you all safely. I'm springing around like a Mad March Hare - thank you! I've just remembered that I called my first house 'The March Hares' - how can I have forgotten such a thing as that!

At the weekend I'll send you my earth address - I mutter on about this on the post for 25th May.

Calyx Ann, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. It's hard & horrid & deeply painful. I don't think enough is done to publicise how easy it is to mistake the symptoms for the menopause. In the UK, we're told to check our breasts but no mention is made of ovarian cancer. On behalf of your mother & mine, I want to make a fuss. I don't want another woman to die in the same way as our mothers did.

Arty Allsorts said...

Hi Jennifer - I want to play too and as it's such an important cause, I'll add you onto both my blogs. My oldest blog has a completely different readership to the Etsyians on blogger so hopefully that will widen the net for you :-)

Jennifer Dangerfield said...

Welcome on board - it's great to see you and to have your tremendous support - thank you for helping to spread the news!

I'll send you an email forthwith! said...

I'll play! (In memory of my daughter Brynn)


Jennifer Dangerfield said...


I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. That's heartbreaking.

I will email you now.