Thursday, 31 May 2007

Lots of lovely postcards!

Mr Postman staggered to the door and handed me cards from Jean Yates ( JY1), Anna Pilgrim (AP1) and TEN postcards from the wonderful Beverley Abbott so BA1 to BA10 are in the draw.

Blogger won't let me upload the pictures at the moment, but as soon as it decides to play ball, I will add these postcards to the blog.

I've added a fresh photo of 'Beach' to the website - I hope it helps to give you a clearer idea of what it looks like in the flesh. Chain bracelets are such elusive creatures though - they will not do as they're told!

Lovely ladies - thank you very much for your support!


Jean said...

Ten--she sent ten??? back to work for me and Jim!!!

Beverley Abbott said...

Yes 10!!! in for a penny and in for a pound is what I say!!
That poor postman though I can just imagine what he was thinking!!

Loads of love Bev xx

Jean said...



:::::back to the post office!!! with JIM!