Saturday, 9 June 2007

Blog Art?

'Chicago, Chicago, heeeeeeeeeeere I am'. Frank Sinatra was singing that, not me so there's no need to cover your ears.

Two more cards from Chicago arrived this morning plus one from Phillipa which my son has co-opted & won't give back. Don't worry Phillipa - I'll divert him by mentioning Star Wars & then I'll be able to remove it from his grasp. ( BTW, do I keep spelling your name wrong? I'm so sorry if I am - I will correct my mistakes immediately.)

Could anyone tell me is there is such a thing as 'Blog Art'. Thanks to all of you, my belief is that this blog qualifies. What do you think?

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Jean said...

I think you have the concept of Blog Art, which must include your devotion to the Ovarian Cancer Action Group, and your consequent inspirational actions, which have incited so many people around the world to take part in this as a collective force, down to a T.
What constitutes Blog Art?:
1) an idea
2) a number of people who participate in an artistic manner, later to be altered in some form by you into a united creation
3) and a force greater than those people to cause them to cleave together, to do a good thing.

just my thought.