Monday, 4 June 2007

Pendant pictures

Thank you for all the lovely postcards which arrived today. We've got such a lovely collection now - please accept our grateful thanks. I've explained what we're trying to achieve & 'The Brood' ( aged twelve, eight & six) have asked me to tell you how cool you all are for spreading the word about ovarian cancer.

Obviously a six year old doesn't fully understand what this means. Nevertheless, telling her about it is poignant. I wonder what's in store for the children of her generation when they reach the age we are now? Let's at least leave them the legacy of knowledge.

I've added photographs of the selection of pendants which will be offered to the winner of the second prize. I hope you like at least one of them ;-)


Christina said...

Very lovely pendants. I just went to the post office and mailed my three postcards!

Jean said...

All your prizes are totally exquisite in design, color choice, variety, and pure loveliness! This whole concept you devised is wonderful. I have such a very good feeling about it! That you did this warms my heart, and, I am sure, the hearts of everyone else involved. I feel a really special connection to all the people in your group of postcardians! It is just...wonderful. Thank you for this.

Jennifer Dangerfield said...

Thank you Christina :-)

Jennifer Dangerfield said...

My dear, dear Jean, thank you for your very special words.

I sincerely thank every Postcardian for taking part in this campaign & competition which, thanks to you has become a beautiful example of Blog Art.

This is one of the most moving experiences of my life. The sharing of sadness, the warmth that you all generate & your deep desire & motivation to turn ignorance into knowledge is overwhelming.

Reading your emails & receiving your cards is such a pleasure.In the back of my mind, there lives the hope that someone somewhere might ask for their symptoms to be reassessed. All of you will have changed this person's life. Together we can make a difference.