Sunday, 17 June 2007

The Postcardian Quest!

Not too long to go now. Last week I sent emails to the bead artists that live on the top of the mountain. This week I'm on the trail of UK independant shops such as boutiques, hairdressers & beauticians. Please wish me luck - if I can persuade only one to join us, then it's better than none!

Jean Yates has written a column which cleverly pulls all the Postcardian Quest threads together into an homogenous whole. Thank you Jean! Please visit:

I've added a comment about a fact that I don't think I've made a big enough noise about yet. I'm going to shout now so cover your ears.


When I was 18, I knew a girl who eventually lost her ovaries, her womb & for a while, her hair. She lived & she's alive now. Her mother wouldn't accept the 'growing pains' diagnosis & she made a fuss.

Once again, please may I urge you to tell every woman in your life about the facts. Persuade them to spread the word too. The more women who know about this, the more likely it is that a life can be saved.

I'm kicking myself because I should have organised a Postcardian badge or button! Maybe next time?

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