Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Jean Yates JY6

Tom & I have had such an interesting afternoon thanks to you. As a former History scholar, I've had the great privilege of sharing my knowledge of the War of Independence, the anti-slavery movement & the American Civil War with Tom. We've even discussed the events behind the Black Tom explosion.

There are few things more wonderful in the world that seeing a child enthused & excited by a subject and wanting to know more & more & more. Tom asked me so many questions & with the help of a few dates supplied by Wikipedia, Muma related the stories for nearly two hours.

We covered such subjects as the cracks on the Liberty Bell to Ellis Island, talked of Abe Lincoln & read the Declaration of Independence together. Tom wants to know what's gone wrong - why we no longer respect ourselves as citizens & why we treat other countries as if 'they were stupid children.'

A very memorable afternoon - thank you so much!

BTW, Horace Greenley was another Mr Cool!

All this plus a Judy Garland stamp AND Star Wars too! We are blessed!!

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Jean said...

Jennifer , you rock! so does Tom!!!