Saturday, 2 June 2007

The virtual chocolates that Tom wishes to send you

Today, the postman only delivered brown envelopes & 101 catalogues for things I don't want & haven't asked for ( I thought the mail preference scheme was supposed to stem the flow of flotsam & jetsam). My son has stepped into the breech though & joins us in saying PANTS! For a chap who's only three weeks off 13, I admire his interest in our cause. I know the reason why this is so important to him. He & my mother were devoted to one another and there is genetic evidence that I might be carrying the gene and may have passed it on to my daughters. He doesn't want any other woman in his life, either now or in the future to die needlessly so he joins us in saying 'PANTS!'

PS. Tom has dyspraxia so you may not be able to read his writing. On my shopping list, he wants me to buy some 'speegle bidots'. I'll have to ask him what size I should get.

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Jean said...

Tom rocks! xox!!!jean